I Want to Renew My Supplier Permit

Renew Kansas Supplier Permit and Labels

Your Kansas Supplier Permit and all currently approved labels will expire at midnight, June 30, 2013. To prevent any lapse in your permit and the authority to sell your products in Kansas, you must complete the annual Supplier Permit and label renewal process by June 1, 2013.

  • Renew your Kansas Supplier Permit and your labels; or,
  • Renew your Kansas Supplier Permit only.

Any Supplier Permit Application and Agreement not returned with the $25 renewal fee by June 1, 2013 may be subject to a lapse in your Supplier Permit and any labels currently registered.

Any label renewals not received, including the label registration fee, by June 1, 2013 may be subject to removal from our Active Brands database. Distributors will then be notified that the products have been removed from our Active Brands database as these products are ineligible for purchase until the label renewal process has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal process, please contact the ABC Marketing Unit at 785-368-6609. Emails are preferred at the following address: abc.marketing.unit@kdor.ks.gov.

Electronic Label Renewals:

As part of the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control's continuing effort to simplify the label renewal process, we are pleased to offer electronic label renewal and payment options. In just a few short steps your label renewal will be complete and your labels will be automatically renewed then displayed on our Active Brands website the day following receipt and processing of your payment.

To renew your labels electronically, you will need your permit number and PIN which was included in the renewal notice mailed to you.

Renew Kansas Supplier Permit and Electronically Renew Your Labels

Step One:

Renew your Supplier Permit:

  1. Complete the Supplier Permit Application and Agreement (ABC-1000).
  2. Retain a copy for your records.
  3. Return the Supplier Permit Application and Agreement (ABC-1000) and the annual $25 Permit fee with the voucher provided by June 1.

Step Two:

Renew your labels online. A processing fee of $5.00 per label is charged for each label that requires the $25 Kansas label fee.

  1. Go to the Product Renewal website at: https://ks.productregistrationonline.com/renewals and enter your Supplier Permit number and PIN. Do not use hyphens.
  2. Select the products you wish to renew. If any corrections need to be made, click on "edit" and make the appropriate changes.
  3. Review your renewal information and fee calculation. (You may click on the "+" to show calculation details).
  4. Enter payment information and click "Submit to Kansas." You may click on the link provided to download a copy of your renewal. An email receipt will be sent to you.

NOTE - If you pay by credit or debit card, the Active Brands database on the Kansas ABC website will be updated in two days. If you pay by check, your renewal will be processed once the check is received and processed. To view your renewed labels, go to our Active Brands website. If you renewed online and elected to pay by check, payment must be mailed to the address on the voucher you printed. Mailing your payment to the ABC will delay processing your label renewal.

The ABC Marketing Unit will review your label renewal and contact you if anything further is required.

Changing Your Business Name, Location or Contact Person

You are required to notify the ABC of your mailing or physical address, telephone number or e-mail address. To notify the ABC of these changes, please complete and submit the Liquor License or Permit Business Name and/or Address Change Form (ABC-22).

  • If you have changes to your contact person and/or compliance agency, please notify the ABC on your company letterhead of the changes and effective date. Your notice may be emailed to the abc.marketing.unit@kdor.ks.gov or faxed to 785-296-7015


  • The Label Renewal Form and Voucher (ABC-1002) is for label renewal onlyDo not include new label approval requests, label revisions, etc. with your renewal.
  • To register new products, visit our website at: http://www.ksrevenue.org/abcbrandreg.html.
  • Once your permit is renewed, it will appear on our Active Liquor Licensee Database with the expiration date. All labels renewed will appear on our Active Brands Database. When processed, your products will reflect the effective to date.
  • Only active labels displayed on our Active Brands Database are available for sale to Kansas Distributors.
  • Combo and Value Added packages do not require the label fee if the exact product contained within the Combo or Value Added package is currently approved for sale in Kansas. If you have a product that is sold only in a Combo or Value Added Package, the label fee is required.
  • Each label to be sold in Kansas must be registered and approved by the ABC prior to sale in Kansas. Any changes to the label, i.e. vintage, graphics, etc. must be approved, even if a new COLA is not required.
  • If your product has multiple labels or optional labels that are randomly packaged, they will appear on our website with the prefix of "OL" with a number assigned by the ABC and the appropriate suffix to ensure each label to be sold in Kansas is renewed. These labels are listed as the individual unit size only and are not for individual sale. This includes products that are packaged in different locations.
  • Effective 7/1/12 Salesperson Permits are no longer required.

Renew Kansas Supplier Permit and Manually Renew Your Labels.

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