Kansas Gold Star Mother

Gold Star Mother License Plate

In 2008, the Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2691 which allows a Gold Star Mother to make application for the new license plate. This means any mother of a servicemember killed on active duty can apply to receive these plates free of charge (but still required to pay the annual motor vehicle tax and registration). A generous donation from Neva Heiselman, Holton, paid for the issuance of these license plates.

Gold Star Mothers are mothers who lost a son or daughter in the service of the country.

How to Request a Gold Star Mother License Plate:
Mothers may order tags at their County Treasurer's office. The mother’s name must appear on the vehicle title which the tag will be displayed. They will need to provide a DD1300-Report of Casualty or a Death Certificate. They may also provide a DD2064-Died in Theatre or a DD93 form which states the soldier died on active duty and will name the soldiers parents.

The department will send the tag to the county the same day they receive the order.

Contact the Kansas Division of Vehicles for further information: 785-296-3601.