Dealer Web Portal Information and Tutorials

New! Creating a Kansas E-lien Favorites List

We changed the Kansas E-lien system to allow dealers and dealer lenders to create lists of favorite lenders they use most often. To learn how to create and save your own favorites list, see the webinar and computer based training below.

Print-on-Demand 60-Day Permits

Kansas is replacing its aging mainframe systems used for driver licensing, motor vehicle titling and registration, and inventory management with a single, modern system that is easier to use, maintain and enhance. As a result, we also changed the process for temporary registration permits (60-day tags). We no longer use cardboard permits. Instead, we use print-on-demand permits you can create through our new DMV System. Following are a memo and notice that describe this change, frequently asked questions about the print-on-demand 30-day permits and a video tutorial that shows how to create a permit.

Dealer Web Portal Tutorials

If you have not signed up to use the Dealer Web Portal, you will want to watch those tutorials first. After you watch them and take a short survey, you will be issued a personal identification number you will use to access the portal. The tutorial above will show you how to use the Dealer Web Portal to create and print a print-on-demand 60-day permit.

Once you have viewed all the tutorials, you must take the Dealer web survey to get your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Click here to take the survey now.