Security Statement

The Kansas Department of Revenue is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of our customer’s information in Internet transactions.

The Internet, by its very nature and design, is an open system that does not automatically provide a secure means of sending and receiving information. For example the confidentiality of personal information you disclose via email can not be guaranteed. Therefore we recommend against sending any personal information to us in email.

However, to protect information used in Internet financial transactions (credit card information, bank account numbers, etc.) the department uses the following information security techniques and procedures:

Passwords or PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) are required for online transactions.

Information is exchanged via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that uses 128-bit encryption.

Information requests must pass through multiple hardware and software security firewalls.

The department utilizes Verisign’s Secure Site services for applications that process financial transactions.

The Department of Revenue is subject to federal, state and internal audits and continually strives to improve its’ systems and procedures based on audit recommendations.

Please see our Privacy Statement for related information.