Division of Vehicles taking the guess work out of waiting in line


TOPEKA - The Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles is working to make a trip to its offices easier. The agency is piloting a scheduling platform at its Topeka office so visitors can create an appointment and know exactly when they will be able to be helped.

"We are starting this program in Topeka and plan to bring it to our larger offices soon," Director of Vehicles David Harper said. "We intend for this implementation to help us better serve Kansas residents and ultimately reduce wait times at our offices."

Walk-in visitors will still be allowed on a first-come-first-served basis. This service is part of the agency's current line-queuing service through Q-Flow.

To schedule an appointment in the Topeka Driver's License Office, go to http://getinline.kdor.ks.gov/webappt and click on Schedule an Appointment.

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