Sales Tax TeleFile

TeleFile is the fast, easy, safe, accurate and convenient way to file and pay your Sales Tax. All you need is a touch-tone telephone and the worksheet.

Who can use TeleFile?

  • You file for a single business location
  • Use a touch tone telephone
  • Are exempt from making estimated tax payments

Download the TeleFile information.

After you complete the worksheet call tollfree 877-317-5639 for the TeleFile application. Press 1 for the Sales Tax application after you hear the menu options.

What if the Sales Tax TeleFile system does not recognize my FEIN?
You may have received documentation assigning a temporary Kansas number which is a nine-digit number beginning with the letter K. Use your nine-digit K number replacing the K with the number 5 on your telephone key pad.

What if I make a mistake when I am Telefiling my Sales Tax?
If you have not yet received a confirmation number, you may hang up, redial the TeleFile number and begin again.

What does "warehouse my payment" mean?
This allows you to TeleFile early in the month but have your payment withdrawn on the actually due date. We encourage you to file early.

How safe is my bank information if I pay through EFT?
Our agency is bound by statute to safeguard this information in the same manner as any other tax information. Also authorization to access and use bank information has to be given to the Kansas Department of Revenue each time you TeleFile.

Do I need a receipt when I TeleFile my sales tax?
When you TeleFile, you will be given a confirmation number. The confirmation number is verification of filing and if applicable, your payment has been received electronically. You should write this number on your TeleFile worksheet.