Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States

A Kansas resident may claim credit for taxes paid to another state if:

Your credit is NOT the amount of tax withheld in the other state(s). You must complete the tax return(s) for the other state(s) before completing this. If you paid taxes to more than one state, enter the combined amount.

Nonresidents may claim this credit if:


Amount of 2007 tax actually paid to other state(s)

This is the amount of tax that you were required to pay to another state that you had taxable income within. You can find the tax amount due on the other states tax return that you should have completed prior to completing the Kansas Individual Income tax return.


Other state's adjusted source income

In many states, the adjusted source income is reported on an income allocation schedule. This would be the amount that should be entered.


Income earned in the other state(s) while a Kansas resident

Enter the amount of the adjusted source income in the other state for which you are taking a tax credit and which is included in your Kansas source income.