Real ID

Kansans do not have to get a Real ID immediately. Federal law requiring state IDs to be Real ID compliant to board a plane or enter a federal facility does not go into effect until October 1, 2020. You can use your existing, valid Non-Real ID Kansas Driver's License or Identification Card to board a plane or enter a designated federal facility until  September 30, 2020. Anyone who does not have a Real ID on October 1, 2020 will have to use something other than their state issued ID to board a plane or enter a federal facility. For list of those acceptable IDs, visit Conceal carry licenses are not acceptable forms of identification.A temporary driver's license printed on 
thermal paper is not an acceptable form of identification. Required DocumentsMUST be original and not laminated. Valid passport or birth certificate AND Proof of social security such as a Social Security card, Current W-2 or 1099 or Current pay stub with full Social Security number. Other documents could include a Valid U.S. Visa, Valid Permanent Resident Card, or a Valid Employment Authorization Card. A full list of documents that can be used to prove identity to obtain a Real ID is available at
You must provide proof of Kansas residency, such as a utility bill dated within the last 60 days. Junk mail or personal letters will not be accepted. Please refer to List C on the acceptable documents checklist to see what documents are valid to prove Kansas residency If your name is not the same on all of your documents, please bring proof of name change. For example, if your birth certificate shows a different name than your married name, bring your marriage license.  For a list of accepted documents, see list F at Anyone boarding an airplane or entering a federal facility using state issued ID after October 1, 2020, will need a Real ID. Real ID is a federal law passed by Congress in 2005, designed to establish minimum security standards for state-issued Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards. A card that is Real ID compliant will feature a gold circle with a star cut out symbol printed in the top third of the card on the front right side. This symbol indicates the card meets the Real ID Act requirements and will be accepted  at airports and other designated 
federal facilities nationwide after October 1, 2020. The Real ID Act is a coordinated effort by the states and Federal Government to improve the reliability and accuracy of state-issued identification documents, which should inhibit terrorists' ability to evade detection by using fraudulent identification. The Real ID act prohibits federal agencies such as TSA from accepting Driver's Licenses and ID Cards  that are not Real ID compliant. The state of Kansas became compliant with the federal Real ID Act in August 2017. 
Kansas credentials affected by the Real ID Act are: Regular, Non-Commercial Driver's Licenses, Commercial Driver's Licenses, Driving Permits, Administrative Moped Licenses, and Identification Cards (ID Cards). Real IDs are optional. State of Kansas residents have the option to choose between either a Real ID card, or a Non-Real ID card. There are no changes to fees for Kansas cards.
Kansas credentials that are not Real ID compliant contain a capitalized NOT FOR FEDERAL ID designation in the top third of the card on the front right side. This statement indicates that the card is not able to be used effective October 1, 2020 at airports and other designated federal facilities or uses nationwide.

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