Kansas Personalized License Plate Re-Issue

Kansas Statute authorizes the re-issuance of personalized license plates each five years. New plates will be issued during calendar years 2010-2015.


New Kansas personalized license plate

If you would like to purchase a personalized license plate for your auto, truck or motorcycle, please visit your local county treasurer’s office for details.

The cost of personalized plates is $46 for auto and truck or $45.50 for motorcycle, payable one time only, for the period of the five year plate cycle. This fee is in addition to any vehicle registration fees, personal property taxes, reflectorized plate fees, and county service fees, that are due during annual vehicle registrations.

Kansas Statute allows for a total of seven letters, numbers and/or spaces to be displayed on personalized automobile license plates, and five letters, numbers and/or spaces may be displayed on a motorcycle personalized license plate, or disabled personalized plate. The statute also disallows combinations deemed, by the Director of Vehicles, to have a profane, vulgar, lewd or indecent meaning or connotation.

For more information regarding personalized plates, you may contact: Personalized.Plates@kdor.ks.gov.