On-Premise License

The on-premise licenses types are caterer, Class A Club, Class B Club, Drinking Establishment, Drinking Establishment/Caterer, Hotel/Drinking Establishment, Hotel Drinking Establishment/Caterer and Public Venue licenses.

If your event is temporary, visit the temporary permit page.

Licensee Information

Kansas law allows on-premise licensees to serve the following alcoholic beverages in pitchers no larger than 64 fluid ounces to two (2) or more people:

  • Beer
  • Cereal Malt Beverage
  • Margaritas
  • Sangrias
  • Daiquiris
  • Mojitos

Licensees may request approval for pitchers of mixed alcoholic beverages not listed above to be approved for sale by submitting the completed Request for Approval of Mixed Alcoholic Liquor Served in Pitchers (ABC-866).

Application Prerequisites

New Application

For bond forms and information, please click here.

For additional information regarding liquor drink tax or bonds, please contact the Division of Taxation's Miscellaneous Tax Segment at 785-368-8222 (select option 5, then option 4), or email: kdor_Miscellaneous.Tax@ks.gov

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